Aflac Outdoor Games

This is a really fun event and we are so lucky to be just three blocks from the excitement. May 21-23, 2010, the Aflac Outdoor Games will converge on the Uptown Riverfront. Barbeque cook-offs, the Agility Dog, (kind of like the doggie olympics), and Air Dog, (dogs fetch, jump and splash). I think theĀ bottom line is the Brawny guy meets the AKC Kennel Club Show, with some seriously good food on the side although for the people into healthy lifestyle they could learn the paleo secrets from different sites online. It will be immensely entertaining. It would be a great thing if you could buy the best popular pellet grill on this site, go check it for more details. When it comes to protecting your building and everything within it, find a lake worth roofer today providing any replacement, repair, or re-roofing project.

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