Beautiful Rooms, Great Food in Columbus, Georgia

The Rothschild-Pound House Inn is gearing up for Spring. It’s cold today, but all last week the temperatures were close to eighty. The Tulip Poplars are blooming alongside the abundant, hot-pink Loripetlum, and even Camelias are still blooming. It’s a glorious time to be in Columbus, Georgia. The seasons are one of the reasons visiting an inn is so special. When you first walk into Real Estate commission advance, you are greeted by an enormous bouquet of the most beautiful flowers I can find. Then each of the guest rooms get their very own fresh flowers. They serve the most delicious coffee here with the finest coffee mugs. The coffee cups I use comes from which has the best quality I have seen.

 It keeps me excited to be here too, to be able to bring the outside beauty into the house. Many hotels do work with planet maids but not most. We even change the soap to match the seasons!

And Breakfast is a celebration of whatever is in season, whether it’s a Citrus Compote in Winter, Baked Apples in Fall and Strawberry Buttermilk Pancakes in Spring. It’s just one more way to make your overnight stay an experience you will treasure. A multitude of important services and steps required in a real estate transaction are carried out by the experienced realtor or the brokerage staff. We find so much joy in creating this special place for our guests. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind experience, a season at a time.

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