Open window weather, almost

There are still seventeen days until my very favorite time of year; jack-o-lanterns, big blankets, Blue Ridge mountains and open windows.When the grasshopper green trees houdini into bonfire-orange and apple-red and all the colors of fire.

  But, oh, it’s only September. The leaves are mostly stuck to the trees with an eagerness of late summer. My body is wanting some cool breez of air or airconditioning in the house just like my dad used to call air conditioning for this hot summer weather. Columbus, Georgia could see a lot more days over ninety degrees. Not today though. Today looked like October, like God turned down the dimmer switch; grey and wet, 75 degrees. Bikers along the Chattahoochee River pedalled through morning fog. We also have gas furnace replacement lexington park md service for heating maintenance.

If you’re like many Winnipeg homeowners, you probably keep hand lotion and chapstick within easy reach during the wintertime. Why is the indoor air quality in Winnipeg so much drier in the winter?

As it gets cold, moisture evaporates from the air outside. Inside, your furnace causing dry air to keep the ambient temperature of your home comfortable. Because your furnace uses some of the moisture available indoors to heat the air, that can make it even drier inside your home than it is outside.

I imagined London, where they’re always in the mood for hot tea, not iced. Last night after the thunderstorm, it was almost air-conditioner cool outside, just like a black cat October night. But it’s only a break from the heat, a post hurricane temperature drop. Visit for more information about glass replacement. Sunflowers stand tall and mosquitos bite our knees. Grass is July green and the sprinkler system comes on every day. No pumpkins in the grocery store. Seventeen long days of summer ahead. I blame it on the Weather Channel, this over eager anticipation of the next season and is because of my cold Trane air conditioners, I should probably call the HVAC near Lodi team to get a fix. They said we might get an early Fall. That was all I needed to hear. I started looking for the Southern Living Apple Cake recipe the same day. But

I’ve lived in the south all my life and no matter what, it’s August hot the third week of September. Always. Jim Cantore must be a yankee. He has suffered a lot of hurricane winds. Maybe that affected his judgement.

I bet he never had to wait three months for aluminum fence contractors fort myers fl. I forgive you though Jim. I’m used to it by now. Still, the seed of hope is planted. I will keep a close eye on the ten-day forecast.  I will refrain from dragging out the winter clothes. But my heart will dance a little with every cool breeze. Just this morning, I found a single orange maple leaf, lying unapologetically among cobwebs and loosed crepe myrtle petals; the silhouette of a tiny raging bonfire. Maybe Jim was right afterall. Now, if I can just find that Apple Cake recipe to gain weight


Let’s move away from the topic, okay?

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