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Winter is cozy at the Rothschild-Pound House Inn.

Where else can you get a crackling fire in your room? Try to imagine our soft, luxurious sheets, flat screen t.v.s, comfy feather beds, sumptuous bamboo towels and delicious breakfasts. It’s the perfect place to spend a few nights. The Rothschild-Pound House Inn is only eight miles from Ft. Benning, three blocks from the River Front, the River Center for Performing Arts, Columbus State University, The Springer Opera House and Whitewater. There are a dozen interesting restaurants within walking distance. Not chain restaurants, but really good, locally owned places. Everything from Thai food to Filet Mignon, barbecue, Vietnamese, Sushi, incredible Crab Bisque…You will only find these restaurants about three blocks from the inn. Columbus, Georgia is a special place. The Rothschild-Pound House Inn celebrates not only the history of our town, but everything that makes it great today. And have you heard about our pancakes…?

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